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AllBeer 101 - General Knowledge

This introductory beer course is a 3hr single session class that includes the history of beer, brewing basics, ingredients, proper tasting processes, tasting of 5 products, an AllBeer 101 certification exam and a celebratory pint! This course will provide your staff and/or customers with up-to-date beer, knowledge, fun facts and a deeper appreciation of beer. 

AllBeer 102 - Complex Tastings ( with focus on specific style, region or ingredient)

This 3 hour session focuses on a specific beer style, region or ingredient. It includes history on the focus topic, variations in brewing processes, ingredients, BJCP guidelines as well as a blind tasting of 5 products. AllBeer 102 is the perfect way to educate your staff on your own products and your competitors products. 

AllBeer 103 - Off Flavours

Off Flavours is a 4 hour session that educates you & your team on the characteristics of 10 "off flavours" commonly found in beer. We explore their origins, and the preventative measures to avoid these types of exposure. AllBeer 103 cumulates in a blind tasting of 5 different beers. This course is essential for anyone involved in the brewing process, sales or in the serving of beer. 

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